LOOk, daddy,
I’m a farmer

Stick it to the man, unless you are the man, than stick it to someone else.

Why buy cannabis in the store, when you can grow it at home. With our help and quality equipment, you can grow top quality bud at home. There is nothing better than consuming your high quality, home grown cannabis with your friends. Everything from basic starter kits to high end big bud systems with setup and support included. Financing available for medical patients and veterans discounts available.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Not Your Average


Growing Cannabis at Home is Fun, but not easy … Until Now.
We offer the quality equipment fully installed by experts as well as experts to train and help you through the process.

Process designed by medical growers with many years of experience to help ensure the best yields and big fun included with every grow kit purchased.

I Don’t care what you call it, just gimme some weed

We are currently working on bringing you the best strains with the highest yields and success with home grows that comply with the new laws in Canada.

Tell us what you are trying to accomplish (fun, sleep, exercise, creativity, vacuuming) and we will do our best to match a strain to your goals within the constraints of the laws of this great country… OH CANADA!

Fine Print: We offer donations of starting materials when legally donated by medical growers with the purchase of a grow kit. We do not sell seeds or cuttings.