Well, October 17th has come and gone Canada and … basically nothing happened. That’s not entirely true. The pot stocks lost some ground, Ontario Cannabis Store online sold out of all the “good shit”, and a few people smoked more weed than normal in downtown Toronto (but who knows where they bought it legally as there is no retail store in Ontario). Below is my favorite legalization news clip from Nova Scotia. My favorite part is the guy at about 27 seconds. His “regular guy” never let him down. The smile on his face make me think that his guy didn’t let him down that morning either.
Yeah. That’s a paragraph. ‘Ha’ can be a paragraph.
At U-Bud Cannabis Services, we had an amazing day on October 17th. Not from blazing all day (just the evening, weekends are for all day), but from getting the business off the ground with our very first install in Georgetown, Ontario. Installing our first grow for a very excited customer was very satisfying. It is really amazing the support we have received.
We were able to do an interview with CTV Kitchener and were able to show off our test grow. The segment helped show that a home-grow of four plants is achievable without the mess, mold, smell, and inconvenience using U-Bud’s services. Check it out.
We want to thank our customers who booked early with U-Bud. We really appreciate your trust and support. We will not let you down with your home-grow. We also want to thank all our early supporters who have helped us grow through social media and personal connections. We would not have been able to launch on day one of legalization without your help.
An extra special thanks to those who were involved in the planning, preparation, and execution of launching U-Bud Cannabis Services Inc. There is something so special about launching a project like this successfully on the first day of a whole new industry.
At U-Bud, our vision is to ‘ To help Canadians positively experience the magic of cannabis from seed to bud and beyond.’ Based on our first customers’ responses, I think we can make that happen. I don’t think I have ever seen so many super excited people as when we set up a cannabis home-grow for them.
I think I’m going to really like my new job.
Thank you for helping us successfully launch cannabis home grows on the day of legalization in Canada.
David Kurth
President & CEO