I’ve been looking for that special someone for years now.
The thing is, I use cannabis and I don’t get hits on my profile on the regular dating sites
because I’m honest about my use. So I sat around thinking “woe is me. No one wants to date me” Then I got mad and an idea popped in my head.
“Why not try to find a dating site for cannabis users?” Well, I found two and they were in the states. Good for them, but I’m in Canada.
Then I said, “why not create your own?” So I began to look for a site. Most of them didn’t have the right algorithms; then I found one for $1000. It took me months to save but I did it.
Now I own Cannamatch.ca; a 420 friendly meeting and dating site. You can meet 420 friends to smoke with, or for a date. If you are a couple we even have a spot for you. 
When you sign up as a couple you’re there to help fellow travelling cannabis couples
by helping them find safe meds in the town or city that you live in. Who knows,maybe you’ll make friends with the couple your helping.
Now that my site is up and we have over 3000 members. I now get hits on my profile and asked on dates.
Glenn Wells
Owner / Operator of Cannamatch.ca