I’ve  been involved with media and marketing in the emerging cannabis industry in Canada for several years now – and yet I had never grown a plant.  I always found the process a little intimidating even to think about – so many of my friends are such experts on lighting, genetics, etc I understand how much of a learning curve there is to even know where to begin in growing the kind of fine cannabis I enjoy smoking and that eases my medical issues.   Even though  I was super motivated to grow my own – I literally didn’t know where to begin.  I’m not exaggerating at all when I say I was thrilled to find out about U-Bud – and I’m really happy with my four plant legal grow.  With the guidance of the U-Bud team it’s actually easy – I have someone to call on if I have any questions or any worries and they literally thought of everything – right down to the spoon you use to stir the fertilizer into the water!  People had often spoken to me of how peaceful, enjoyable, and even empowering it is to grow your own medicine, and I have absolutely found that to be true!  It’s become a ritual to come down in the morning before i start work, look at the plants and make sure they are happy and healthy…. It’s become a little project my husband and I do together.  Can’t wait to try our very first batch after the process is done…
I didn’t think I had a green thumb – but with U-Bud’s guidance, I have four happy healthy plants! 
 It’s an amazing experience to grow your own medicine – and I HIGHLY recommend it! 
Tracy Lamourie, CEO & Executive Creative Director
Lamourie Public Relations and Marketing