Book a Grow – How Much for a Dime Bag?

One Kit Wonder

4 months

Grow one batch of 4 plants.
Includes everything you need to grow at home. We come in and set up, you grow with our guaranteed process including reminders and check-ups.
When you are done, we come in and clean everything up, or sign up for a second grow at a discounted rate.
Estimated yield: up to14 oz. 

(Gov’ment price $3968.93)

Organic $799

The Big Kahuna

1 Year

Everything you need to grow three full grows of 4 plants each (total of 12 plants but done legally. A legal dozen).
We come in and set up, you grow with our guaranteed process including reminders and check-ups.
After each grow we will check your setup, swap out your pots and bring all the supplies for your next grow.
When completed, you can either get us to pick up the equipment or sign up for a second year at a discounted rate.
Estimated yield: up to 42 oz.

(Gov’ment price $11,906.80)


 $1819 Organic

Extra Extra

Cropping Service

Don’t like getting sticky fingers. No problem. Book cropping services with us and one of our pros will come to your house, crop your 4 plants and set up the equipment for drying. Sooo friggin’ easy.

(Gov’ment doesn’t have this kind of sticky fingers.)


Contact us for custom jobs


No deposit required at booking. No charge for cancellations.

U-Bud trusts you and we will work together to grow successfully.

After booking, someone from our team will contact you to confirm the
details of your install within 24 hours.

Any specials will be applied at time of booking confirmation
Payment is due at time of install.

Cash, e-transfer, or credit cards accepted.

You’re gonna like this.

If you need more information before booking, please page me.


What Do I get for my Grow?


Each grow consists of a mini greenhouse, a 4 foot by 4 foot premium tent with superior carbon filter, exhaust fans, grow fans, high quality lighting and timers. Superior venting eliminates smell and mold. Insulation and floor protection dependent on your grow environment, we will adjust to the needs of your space. All supplies including, but not limited to the soil, fertilizer, tools, and detailed instructions are provided to you. Reminders are set up to help you achieve a successful grow. When you are finished, we will come and clean up all the equipment so your home will be good as new (or at least as good as it was before). You could also upgrade to a Big Kahuna subscription and continue growing as we refresh your supplies and check your grow components.​

All you need for your own weed
is a faucet and an electrical outlet.

Satisfaction Guaranteed