It has been an interesting few weeks since making the decision to start up a business on the fringes of Canada’s Cannabis sector. I grew up in a fairly conservative household and as a child, and really until recently, cannabis has been frowned upon by most of my Father’s generation. Surprising to me, when telling them about my new business venture responses from friends and family about their own recent experiences with cannabis were all positive and really show the changing public opinion of cannabis within my small personal sample group.
Where other prescription drugs didn’t work, cannabis did.
I have heard stories now about people being relieved of anxiety, restored sleep patterns, reduction or elimination in seizures. In general from my circle of friends and family there is a much more positive perception when it comes to cannabis as medicine. Initially U-Bud Cannabis Services were purely focused on the recreational market in Canada as it it about to be legal on October 17th for recreational use with the legal option to grow up to four plants at home in most provinces, but we will now also be looking at helping those with medical needs as well based on the response.

I can’t like you on social media yet.

Although all friends and family have been supportive of this business venture, some have called me to let me know that they support me, but cannot follow or like me on social media as it could reflect poorly with coworkers or others within their places of employment or social circles. I expect this to change over the upcoming years. In my opinion showing up at a friend’s dinner party with a small gift of home grown cannabis will be just as socially acceptable as bringing a bottle of wine or a dessert.
We’re almost there Canada! If my more conservative family members are on board, it won’t be long for the rest of Canada.
David Kurth, CEO (AKA: Chief Business Hippy)