Hanging Drying Rack Available in 2, 4, and 6 Tier Sizes


  • COLLAPSIBLE RACK lets you dry and cure buds and plants without cumbersome shelves or cabinets that need a lot of space even when not in use. Space-saving design needs little more than a closet.
  • BREATHABLE polyester mesh construction is lightweight and allows slow, even drying as well as 360-degree access for tending and manicuring your harvest. Mesh walls prevent dropped or spilled cuttings.
  • 6 INCH SPACING between round, topless tiers ensures maximum air circulation to deter rotting and fungus. High tensile wire frames provide stability and support for herbs, vegetables, flowers and other plants.
  • ADJUSTS to a 2-tier system by simply unclipping the bottom 2 tiers. Happy Hydro Dry Net is ideal for grow tents or rooms, greenhouses or even your spare bathroom. Each rack is 24″ wide and varies in height.
  • EASY INSTALLATION with attached hook-and-loop hanging straps. Use a ceiling hook, clothesline, shower rod or other horizontal bar for suspension. Removes in seconds for storage in its own zipper bag.


Hanging Bud Drying Rack Available in 2, 4, and 6 Tier Sizes

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