Yes, I am aware that cannabis is still illegal for recreational use, and yes, I do understand that institutions should not be doing business with organizations that are not following the law, but what about those entering this space legally? What about those who have a legitimate offering that they are preparing to offer once cannabis is legalized for recreational
use on October 17th?
For those of us starting legitimate legal businesses, to offer legal products or services to the cannabis sector, we have to work out of personal bank accounts, without ability to leverage paid promotions on social media and lumped in with those that are providing services that are not legal. When fun posts are rejected because it refers to a substance that will be legal in a couple months and references the date of legalization it really doesn’t make it easy for those trying to be ready to serve the sector.
At U-Bud Cannabis Services, we will ensure that everything is done legally. We have no intention of providing a product or service that is not compliant with the law. It doesn’t look like the Ontario Cannabis Store or other provincial retailers are having any issues accessing funds, social media or opening a bank account. I would expect with the upcoming legalization institutions will be more open to working with those preparing to do business in this new and soon to be legal segment.
As for the advertising, we’ll get there. I’d rather just give away t-shirts and give-aways to good people who can help promote us than to Mark Zuckerberg.
We’re almost there Canada! Let’s try to help each other in legally preparing for a legal and budding market.
David Kurth, CEO (AKA: Chief Business Hippy)