FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE : (Dec 29, Hamilton, ON)   Providing a unique solution for the many cannabis related problems the media has reported on since legalisation, one small Ontario company is predicting unlimited green – of both varieties – coming their way in the new year.  Industry watchers are excited, too.
U-Bud Cannabis Services, a startup that begun in the basement in the small town of Canfield, Ontario – about forty minutes from Hamilton – is about to explode onto the national scene. 
They only began operations ten weeks ago – on October 17th, the day the federal government legalised cannabis for adult use.  The service is already available in several major cities across the country and is expected to go national by the end of 2019.  
The company is the focus of recent stories by CTV News Kitchener, 570 News Radio Kitchener, and the local Metroland weekly newspaper to name just a few.   
President & CEO David Kurth has a strong background in sales management working with some of Canada’s biggest retailers and his wife, Andria, a nurse, is working as the company’s Director of Client Services. Now working with Calgary based partner,  COO Andy Buchanan, who brings with him three decades of experience in strategy, risk and operations management, U-Bud is able to present a unique solution to every cannabis problem. It is simple, and yet brilliant.  
“We help people legally and safely grow their cannabis,” explains Kurth. “We take care of it all. We do an extremely professional set up with all the right grow equipment that they can lease instead of a large initial equipment investment, walk our customers through every single step of growing, do regular follow ups and checkups with them, clients can even request that we come help them through key steps along the way – we literally take them from seed to curing – and then we take it all down, and take it away unless they want to grow again.  We take all the learning and guesswork out of it, and we actually guarantee the grow.  Our customer is left with typically eight to fourteen ounces of fine, clean, cannabis that they grew themselves.”   
With their self contained tent virtually eliminating smells that might bother neighbours and U-Bud’s professional services removing any risks of fire, mould, and other oft expressed concerns, U-Bud Cannabis Services provide an attractive solution for landlords and condo boards navigating the new legal landscape, too. 
Essentially, U-Bud Cannabis Services solves every problem you’ve heard of since legalisation.  
Some of  those problems, from different perspectives, that the media has reported on are as below….
U-Bud solves problems that have arisen for : 
THE CANNABIS CONSUMER : With stories of long delivery delays, recalls that include mould and bugs in cannabis flower, a no return policy and other customer complaints, it’s no secret that many Cannabis consumers in Ontario are dissatisfied with what, to date, is their only legal purchase option – the government run OCS (Ontario Cannabis Store) website.  
THE ENVIRONMENTALIST :There are environmental issues, too – in fact, many who live by the mantra “reduce, reuse, recycle” say they can’t in good conscience purchase what they call the heavily overpackaged product on offer.  
THE BUDGET CONSCIOUS : Additionally, the high cost of cannabis offered for sale on the OCS site is a definite barrier to access for many.   When asked to explain, one local said “When I go to a dispensary – or even a few years ago when I’d buy from my friend – they give me a better deal if I buy more.”
THE PATIENT :  A patient with a two gram a day prescription for serious neurological issues said, “My licensed producer site that I am supposed to use as a medical patient is priced like the OCS site – its the same gram by gram, no matter how much you buy.  There’s no way I can afford my prescription like that.”   (U-Bud’s David Kurth can attest to that – at first he’d expected U-Bud would primarily be of interest to recreational cannabis consumers, but that he’s been contacted by many people with prescriptions for cannabis, “because the price point is much lower.”)  His wife and business partner, Andria, who comes from a nursing background and works directly with most of the customers says her heart is with the medical patients who truly need an alternative.  “It’s really important for sick people especially to know how their cannabis was grown. When we help them grow it at home, they maintain control of their own medicine.  They often tell me they find that therapeutic.”  
U-Bud President David Kurth, in a recent interview with Metroland Media pointed out that people often associate cannabis grows with mould, water, and electrical issues that can damage buildings, “What we do is not causing any electrical or water harm or damage. It’s all self-contained.”
THE BUSY PROFESSIONAL : might be able to afford all the equipment but they can’t afford the time to learn the many intricacies to grow their four plants well.  With the limited plant count and their limited time, it’s nice to have cannabis professionals come in, set it up, and keep an eye on the plants, with a guaranteed grow being the outcome.  
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